Elton Street Kids

Ever Thought Of Owning Your Own Business?

Well here’s a sure way to ending your obligation to working for others!


Most of you have seen the commercials with Uncle Majic the hip hop magician you know who the celebrities call for their kids birthday parties. We here at Alakazam Management are the proud owner of Uncle Majic and Shock-Kim the clown. Here at Alakazam Management we strive to promote family owned and home operated businesses. If you have children this type of business may be exactly what you’re looking for.

This is a fun and fully interactive approach to bonding with your entire family, while generating extra Income. During these tough financial times many parents are scaling back on the expensive Disney world birthday trips; and deciding to have their parties at home.


In a few small steps you can transform your entire families’ lives with close to little effort. Alakazam management will gladly provide you with the start up tools from A to Z. from the bouncing castles to the actual phone lines needed in order make your family business an overnight success. For many years you’ve put your financial well-being in the hands of others; take control of your financial future.  Contact us now.

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